Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creating A Life of Your Own

Becoming a grandparent can be one of the biggest thrills of a lifetime. Unfortunately, there is a negative aspect as well. Many of us have a fear of uselessness, growing older and 
"killing time." This concept seems sad to us. Time is too valuable.
People in their 60's and early 70's are often worried about giving up a job and filling their days. Many people define themselves by their careers. What then? Some grandparents become completely involved with their grandchildren, who become the focus of their lives.
Others find solace in playing bridge, canasta or Mah Jong. Some people travel and find hobbies that interest them. 
We cannot depend on our children to fill our lives. That is our job.

Many of us feel that we should be doing more. We should not let age define who we are. Some people think "old" at age 30.  Old is in your mind. Keeping young is having a positive attitude and always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

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