Monday, February 6, 2012

The Educated Grandparent Is Also The Educated Parent

After running our first successful group for grandparents, we realized that many of the issues that arose were not issues between the grandparent and the grandchild, but rather between the grandparents and their grown children. This is not to suggest that blame rests on one or the other but brings up problems that need to be addressed even if there is no grandchild involved.

Dealing with an adult child is not always easy. Patterns that were established early on still resonate. It is hard to break old parent-child relationships.
In today's society with economic pressures, many adult children return home and revert back to early patterns as do their parents. Family relationships are never easy. 

Both of us are parents of adult children and we realize the difficulty of loving too little or too much. As early childhood specialists we have led many groups for parents of young children. Now we realize how much skill it takes to communicate effectively with adult children.

Therefore we are now offering a workshop series addressing many situations which may arise. 

Some of the topics we will talk about are:

Your "Baby" as a Competent Adult - Fostering Independence

Not Playing the Blame Game 

Keeping the Channels of Communication Open - It's Never too Late!

The Difference in Parenting Daughters and Sons 

Sibling Rivalry - It Never Ends

Living Your Own Life and Letting Them Live Theirs

We welcome your ideas, comments and input.
Please keep checking our blog and our new Facebook page @ for updates and workshops.

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  1. Glad to see you're running groups for grandparents. There's so much to talk about!
    I founded the GaGa Sisterhood in 2003 because I discovered that being a grandma can sometimes be challenging - and not with the grandchildren - as you mention.
    Our organization has been meeting and discussing issues related to being grandmas for 8 years and our most popular topic is: "When Being a Grandma Isn't So Grand."
    Stop by my website: to see the 3 biggest challenges.