Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays

Most of us have wonderful memories of holidays. When we see all the tempting clothing and toys beautifully displayed, our instinct as grandparents is to buy our grandchildren everything. We want the best and the most. But, what gives the children the most pleasure?

With the younger children, tearing off the wrapping paper that you have taken so much time and effort with, is often more important than what is in the package. The smallest items (a roll of colored tape, a stamp pad, crayons, stickers) are things they will not only enjoy for the moment but will revisit and play with over and over again. 

Here are some things that will be fun to do with your young grandchildren during the cold days ahead: Save the boxes, which make great toys. The children will find new ways to use them which would never occur to any of us. Taking toys from the child's room, together you can wrap them with newspaper and tape and pretend to have a party and open them up.

For an older child between the ages 7 through 11, talk it over with them first and then plan a day together to shop and find that special item. Children will appreciate not only the item but the fact that you took the time to be there. Finish the day off with hot chocolate. By doing this you are establishing both a ritual and tradition which your child will look forward to year after year.

Teenagers are tricky. They may often enjoy a gift certificate or money because they have their own ideas and like the feeling of independence that comes from making their own choices.

We wish you a joyous holiday and a wonderful new year!

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