Sunday, November 13, 2011

Educated Grandparents Speak Out

Since we posted our first blog last week, we have received a bunch of favorable comments and thoughts from you. This led us to the idea of running small groups for educated grandparents focusing on the myriad of grand parenting issues, both yours and ours.

As educated grandparents we learn from each other which is why we think it is important to get together and exchange ideas and feelings in a small, non judgmental group setting. We have lots of topics in mind but we want to hear from you.

On a less serious note we want to have fun and share grandparent-child interactions.

Here are a couple of examples of our own stories:

Sue’s Story
When Sue’s grandson was three, Sue was babysitting for a few minutes while his mom went to the supermarket across the street. James was crying, in fact he was having a tantrum. Trying to reason with him, Sue took him to the window to show him where his mommy was, and she said, “She’ll be back in a minute.” James looked grandma straight in the eye, shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Then why am I crying?”, and he stopped.

Ann’s Story
For Halloween, our grandson, only two, was going to be   Spiderman. I made a matching Spiderman costume for his beloved duck which he calls “Quack Quack”. When the day arrived, I brought the costume over to Theo’s house and said, “I brought Quack Quack his costume”.   He looked at me and said, “Grandma, don’t you know… It’s a Duck!”

These stories show that our grandchildren are constantly growing and changing and we need to keep up with them. Let us hear from you. What you have to tell us is crucial.

Keep us posted.
Speak to you soon,

Sue and Ann

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