Thursday, November 17, 2011

A New Phenomenon

A psychiatric social worker friend of ours, not aware of our special interest in grandparenting, mentioned to us a new concern. Apparently, many of the grandparents she treats expressed feelings of "grief and deep disappointment" in their grandchildren who were "normal" but "not real standouts." All of them were in excellent schools and getting a minimum of B grades.

Thinking about it, we realized that these particular grandparents must have been part of the highest achieving parent group who held high profile jobs, with large salaries while raising their children. They firmly believed they "had it all" and wanted the same achievement status for their grandchildren. They must have felt frustrated when that child was bright and happy, but not a "genius."

We are constantly being told by experts in our new technological world that just "being good" will not cut it in today's "marketplace." The question for ourselves, the worried grandparents and for you...Can you really have it all and at what price? How much can we expect from a child? What are the limits?

Today's children are under tremendous pressure: school, peer and adult expectations. Between homework, sports, ballet and other after school activities, they have practically no free time to relax. As grandparents, our unconditional love and concern can help. No generation has worked under such an unconditional stress level.


Signing off until next time,

Sue and Ann

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